Saturday 15th at 10:00 (Blues Stage) | Sunday 16th at 5:10 pm (Main Stage)

There is something about Anders Osborne’s guitar playing that is utterly purifying. Every note is perfectly placed, at once feral and controlled, and emotion pours from his fingers and through his guitar’s supplicant strings into our very souls. Anders is this festival’s most frequent flier and after all these years, he never rests on his laurels, delivering set after astounding set. The Swedish native found the home of his heart in New Orleans after traversing the globe with his songs and his wanderlust, and now he is considered a native son. His musical influence stands shoulder to shoulder with that city’s mythical giants. His songs are imbued with honesty, passion, rage, and love, and his fusion of rock and blues is a righteous gumbo, seasoned with his massive skills and incisive lyrics. He’s also a compassionate human. In recognition of the challenges faced by musicians who’ve chosen a clean and sober life, he founded Send Me A Friend, a network of volunteers who stand by to help if one’s resolve wears thin. We cannot get enough of him and so we say again, welcome back, Anders!