Mickey Hart Band

Saturday, Sept. 14th - 5:30 pm

The world may know Mickey Hart as one-half of the Grateful Dead’s phenomenal drum duo (with Bill Kreutzsmann (TBB 2011)), but it was through his ground-breaking work with the Dead that Mickey Hart came to know the world in all its percussive beauty and wonder. Using music – specifically percussion instruments – as his highway, Hart has spent his years in the business learning, collaborating, curating and performing music from around the world. Some of the music he discovers comes from threatened cultures and he has used his influence in the music world to help preserve ancient musical forms. The Grammy-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s latest record is Mysterium Tremendum, a fantastic excursion into a musical world of his own making. “It’s all about the vibrations that make up the infinite universe,” Hart says.