Amy Helm and the Handsome Strangers

Thursday, Sept. 11th - 9:00 p.m. (Sheridan Opera House) // Friday, Sept. 12th - 1:20 pm

There’s something about musical bloodlines that cannot be denied. Amy Helm is the daughter of The Band’s Levon Helm and singer/songwriter Libby Titus, and a lifetime of growing up around some of the finest American music ever recorded is evident. Her talent takes up where her daddy’s leaves off – her voice is an exquisite instrument and she is an accomplished drummer and mandolin player.

She is a founding member of the roots band, Ollabelle, which has three acclaimed albums to its credit. Along with her late father, she brought to fruition the Midnight Rambles at the family farm in upstate New York, a tradition of loose and inspired jam sessions that continue to this day. Helm’s own folk-rock repertoire is soulful and deep and will feature her original songs as well as folk and rock songs that are steeped in her heart. Levon passed the torch and we’re happy to report it’s still on fire.