Black Joe Lewis

Sat., Sept. 13th - 3:00 pm (Main Stage) // Sat, Sept. 13th - 10:00 pm (Sheridan Opera House)

When Black Joe Lewis sings “Come To My Party,” what would you do? Yeah, we’re not missing this party! We hosted Mr. Lewis a couple festivals back when he was a bright, new star, zooming his way to the heights. The Austin-based blues-rock-soul guitarist and bandleader honed his chops in the tough, Austin blues-rock garage band scene and then showed ‘em who’s boss during his hometown’s epic music industry gathering, South By Southwest in 2009.
His music is a howling blend of James Brown-fueled funk and fire, with a dash of Jimi Hendrix’ searing rock and enough horns to make things steamy. The band formerly known as The Honeybears is Bill Stevenson Eduardo Torres, Jason Frey, Joe Woullard and Derek Phelps and they pack a punch both live and on the group’s latest record, Electric Slave. The title is Lewis’ lament on modern technology and how people have become enslaved to their cell phones and other devices. The songs are gritty, primal and urgent. Women, luck and house-rocking parties are central themes. It’s guaranteed you will not be texting during this set, unless you’re telling someone to get their butt off their tarp and come to the front of the stage to dance.