Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

Sunday, Sept 15th - 3:00 pm (Main Stage) and 9 pm (Fais Do Do)

It’s a Tiny Universe and we’re so stoked we live in it with jazz-funk sax man, Karl Denson and his ultra-groovy band. The man’s got a resume as long as an alto sax. He’s played with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Fred Wesley, and Miles Davis’ colleagues, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette and his records fill a wide range from straight-up funk, to acid jazz to his Greyboy All-Stars sound known as West Coast boogaloo. It’s music to get you on your feet. He wants you to move. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe keeps their sound fresh and dynamic by placing an emphasis on vocals and incorporating R&B and hip-hop into their infectious jams. Denson said this about KDTU’s 2009 release, Brother’s Keeper. “ It’s a continuation of my general worldview, which is that we should be loving each other, having fun and taking care of one another.” Dig it.

This year’s Sunday Fais Do Do closing late night show will feature Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. This intimate weekend performance happens at the Historic Sheridan Opera House on Sunday, September 15th at 9:00pm. Limited tickets are now available for the Fais Do Do at $25 per person. To purchase Fais Do Do tickets, click here.