The Lee Boys

Friday, Sept. 12th - 10:00 pm (Sheridan Opera House) // Sunday, Sept. 14th - 11:00 am

What better act could there be on a Sunday morning to shake out your cobwebs, make you throw your hands in the air and experience the joy of music than The Lee Boys? Purveyors of the sound known as sacred steel, The Lee Boys from Miami (three Lee brothers and their nephews) were each raised in the House of God church where both spirituality and musical expression are nurtured.

Sacred steel is a jump-up-and-dance style of gospel music that is propelled by the blues, electrified by rock and roll, smothered in R&B and lyrically charged with the religious faith of its practitioners. It is energetic and infectious and whether in a festival setting or in church, celebration and dancing in the aisles is encouraged. No matter what your beliefs, the joy of this rousing music is universal and undeniable. Testify!