2018 Artist Lineup Announced in

Scramble Campbell

All Weekend Long

Telluride Blues & Brews is excited to welcome back Keith 'Scramble' Campbell to the Festival! Scramble will be painting to the tunes all weekend at the festival. Keep an eye out for him and be sure to come by to say hello, admire his art, or even buy a "live" painting!
For the past 25 years, Keith 'Scramble' Campbell has recorded the vibe of music in colorful and spirited paintings. His astounding body of work encompasses not only a who’s who of musical legends but some of the most popular emerging talent in live music today. Scramble's work has crossed the boundaries of musical genres and has been the centerpiece of world-renowned festivals, concerts exhibits and special events.

When the music ends and the band exits the stage, what's left on his easel is a unique visual record of the show, stunningly captured thru brushes and paint. His bold use of color, powerful compositions and highly energetic technique add to the concert experience as he creates a unique work during every show.

Scramble Campbell's artwork is inspired places both big and small. From the intimate setting of a dark nightclub to the collective consciousness of Red Rocks Amphitheatre, he feeds off the energy of the show to create an intensely energizing performance of pure expression.