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Shakey Graves

Sunday, Sept. 14th - 1:40 pm // Sunday, Sept. 14th - 5:30 pm - Blues Stage // Sunday, Sept. 14th - 3:30 pm - Campground Sessions

Shakey Graves is the performance name of Alejandro Rose-Garcia, a one-man act that defies categorization. He mesmerizes audiences with his seductive, spare hobo folk songs; songs that tell stories and transport the listener to a world populated by unseen segments of society.
An Austin native, Rose-Garcia is an actor who was regularly seen on the hit show Friday Night Lights and has numerous film credits to his name. His musical direction was kindled after seeing the one-man band Bob Log III, whose performance style was dynamic and unpredictable. Rose-Garcia loved how Log, as a solo performer, was able to capture and hold his audience’s attention and so started experimenting with a fresh approach to his own music. Success did not come easily for the young musician and he stumbled plenty of times. He credits the humbling experience of tough gigs for helping him bear down, practice religiously and work hard to develop the arresting style his fans enjoy today. He plunged into the music scenes in both New York and Las Angeles, traveled the country and returned to Austin a confident performer. In 2012, NPR named him one of 10 national artists music fans should have on their playlists.
He plays with a homemade suitcase kick drum and his finger picking style will make you think of Leo Kottke or Townes Van Zandt. Watch him play and be forever changed.