The Slide Brothers

Friday, Sept. 12th - 2:50 pm (Main Stage) // Sat, Sept. 13th - 10:00 pm (The Elks Lodge)

Pedal steel guitar fans, The Slide Brothers’ set will be your version of heaven. Indeed, the “Sacred Steel” style of pedal steel work originated in the House of God church, where the energetic playing of the style’s practitioners whipped congregations closer and closer to the Holy Spirit. Sacred Steel was never heard outside the church until more recently, when blues fans got wind of the potent music that was making these churches rock with righteousness.

The Slide Brothers, presented by Sacred Steel’s most famous player, Robert Randolph, are four deeply talented players that Randolph believed the world outside the church’s walls needed to hear. Calvin Cooke, Chuck Campbell, Darick Campbell and Aubrey Ghent bring power, finesse and fire to the music and are each considered living legends. They base their music on the deep traditions of Sacred Steel and add rock and blues to a sound that will, indeed, deliver you to heaven right here on earth.