Zach Deputy

Friday, Sept. 12th - 4:20 pm // Sat, Sept. 13th - 10:00 pm (Fly me To The Moon)

Are you ready to get loopy with Zach Deputy’s “island-infused, drum 'n' bass, gospel-Ninja-soul?" This dynamic performer draws on his Puerto Rican-Irish-Africa-British-French-Cherokee background to create music that is mind-blowingly diverse and refreshing. He started looping during his live shows years ago when his bass player didn’t show up for a gig and he hasn’t looked back. His sets are multi-layered, rhythmic wonders – no two sets are alike.

As Deputy says, “I never want to get bored with myself.” This charismatic performer tours incessantly and when he’s not onstage, he can be found pursuing his other passion, disc golf. He’s even a spokesman for the sport, serving as Celebrity Ambassador for Innova Discs and hosts the Zach Deputy Disc Jam, a music and disc golf festival in Florida, now in its second year. We like how this guy rolls. No chance of boredom here!