Delgres gives voice to their ancestors, slaves from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe who found refuge in New Orleans. The music, performed by Pascal Danae, guitar and vocals, Rafgee on the sousaphone and Baptiste Brondy on drums and vocals, is a mystical, swampy blend of Mississippi Delta blues, Caribbean rhythms and Big Easy funk and drive. Born in Paris to Caribbean parents, Pascal has searched for the link between his love of the blues, and his ancestral home of Guadeloupe. This captivating trio is named after Louis Delgrès, the officer of African descent who gave his life on the island fighting against Napoleon’s enforced reinstatement of slavery in 1802. Delgres poses the musical question, “Just where did the blues come from?” The answer may prove elusive, but in Delgres’ music, it seems the connection has been made.