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Head Brewer: Josh Evans

If you visit us in the taproom, you'll realize in a moment that Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, like many craft breweries, is a family-run place. Founded by Tim & Carol Cochran, but run (and occasionally overrun) by friends and family, you'll find our daughters behind the bar and our small staff being corralled into the fam.

Carol grew up in Colorado, Tim in Oregon (both great craft beer states!). We met at school in Northern California and fell in love with the taste of craft beers in 1987 at the Tied House in Mountain View. We’ve dreamed of and planned for the Horse & Dragon since our honeymoon, which we took in Napa Valley (the non-Colorado one) and during which we had every dinner at a local brewpub. Since then we’ve spent many years traveling and sampling beers from around the world. We grew up in the U.S. West (where the horse has played such an important role for generations), lived for 10 years in Asia (where the dragon is an important symbol in many cultures), 10 years in Milwaukee, and 2+ years in Colombia. With roots and family in Fort Collins and a compelling urge to spend time in the Poudre Canyon, we returned to this beautiful town every year – always enjoying the local craft beer scene and reveling in its growth. In January of 2013 (at the very end of the Year of the Dragon) we began planning for Horse & Dragon Brewing Company in earnest. In May of 2014 (the Year of the Horse) we opened to the public. Through great flavors and happy craft beer experiences, we hope to help bring more people together in the community of Fort Collins and in the larger community of craft beer.

Horse & Dragon’s Head Brewer is Josh Evans, who joined us in 2017 from brewing (and studying brewing) in Oregon. He is ably aided & abetted by Titus Bentley. They take meticulous care to ensure they're creating fresh, tasty craft beer for you to enjoy here at the taproom and out & about, and the new recipes they're creating add regularly to our stable of delicious, balanced beers.


About Horse & Dragon Brewing Company

124 Racquette Drive, Fort Collins, CO

We are a small, family-owned and run craft brewery based in Fort Collins, CO that opened on May 1, 2014. We brew fresh, tasty craft beers and love the community that they help build! Our goal is always balanced beers that compliment food, good times, and gatherings. We founded our company based on 4 principles: 1) Make great beer. 2) Treat everyone involved ethically. 3) Minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. 4) Be proactive members of our communities. Come visit us in our repurposed small airplane hanger! You'll recognize us as we're the only red building in the Airpark district of FoCo. Cheers to mountains, to music, and to friends new and old! 

Stay tuned for beer styles coming soon!

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