Monkey Junk is Steve Marriner (vocals, harmonica, baritone guitar and Hammond organ), Matt Sobb (drums and percussion), and Tony D (lead guitar), a swampy, funky trio from our great neighbor to the north, Canada. This oft-decorated band took its name from a Son House interview, in which the great bluesman, describing how the blues is about love, reportedly said, "I'm talking about the blues. I ain't talkin' 'bout no monkey junk." The Ottawa-based trio is a fixture on the blues scene in their native Canada, and have racked up numerous Maple Blues Awards, as well as Juno Awards and nominations, winning in 2012 for Blues Album of the Year, To Behold. Marriner has a gritty, old soul voice, and Sobb’s rock solid platform pins down their swampy groove over which Tony D’s guitar work soars. Is Canada a great country or what? Universal health care and Monkey Junk. Good stuff.