Saturday, 14th at 3:00 pm (Blues Stage)
Saturday, 14th at 10:00 pm (Blues Stage)
Sunday 15th at 5:30 pm (Blues Stage)

As a child, Alabama Slim (born Milton Frazier) grew up listening to Big Bill Broonzy and Lightnin’ Hopkins 78s and learned to sing from the workers in the field at his grandparents’ farm. “Them old folks would get to moanin’ while they worked, and I just started moanin’ with them,” he said. He and his closest friend, Little Freddie King, have written and performed together for years, and have helped each other out of a jam or two. The Music Maker Relief Foundation got Slim and Freddie into a recording studio where “The Mighty Flood” was born. Alabama Slim’s elegant countenance and rootsy blues are authentic and hard-won. His is a story of survival and dedication to his craft.