Jim James

Saturday, Sept. 14th - 7:30 pm

You may know Jim James best as the front man for My Morning Jacket. That band’s haunting, aural landscapes bring a truly unique musical vision to the world and resonate long after the music stops. But with the release of his solo project Regions of Light and Sound of God the sonic explorer has truly launched into new territory that gently and surely pulls the listener into his sweetly contemplative world. He tackles matters of spirituality, technology and the human condition.

At times you’ll hear a song that might remind you of 70s soul on the radio, but then his more familiar guitar-driven compositions come to the fore. And that voice. It is ethereal at times, plaintive at others, always clear and sincere. James’ side project is truly that – everything is played and mixed without outside assistance. It is a remarkable achievement. Hearing his songs live, under a crisp, Colorado September sky will be nothing short of sublime.