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Charlie Weathers

Thursday, Sept 12th - 4:30 pm (Main Stage)

Charlie Weathers
Songwriter Charlie Weathers travels the globe with his guitar, keeping his head in the clouds with etherial songs and riffs and his butt on the ground with blues saturated American rock. All coming together in a musical patchwork of travel, love and retribution.
Charlie takes inspiration from 70's riff-based overdrive tones and unorthodox sound stories of Tom Waits while holding true to southern rock heros like Billy Gibbons / ZZ Top and Warren Haynes / Gov’t Mule, and melodic word smiths Neil Young and Eddie Vedder, creating intoxicating music that appeals to fans of any spectrum of American rock.
Growing up in St.Louis during the 80's, disgusted with mainstream music, Charlie would be found sneaking into the riverfront blues bars and camping out for big arena shows like Yes, Rush, Van Halen, Aerosmith and Guns 'n Roses. It was first love when Charlie picked up the guitar to swing into the world that was blowing his mind. Moving on to Tulsa, OK, the world changed to more southern country rock and jam bands and the roots sunk deeper. The ten years after Tulsa kept Charlie living out of a bag as a professional pilot, loving life in the friendly skíes which fed his wanderlust and kept him playing open sessions and feeding his ever growing guitar and amplifier collection.
More recent times have slowed him down to an orbit between Berlin and Moscow, where he plays with power trio Boot Heel, smokey acoustic duo Bare Trees, the pub crawling Dodger's Band and solo shows. Both cities being vibrant, eclectic and aggressive, these eastern block capitols are blending Americana and countless genres like a Pollock mural.
Charlie’s first CD “Salvage” with the band Boot Heel, released on the Berlin label Cannery Row Records is available on CD Baby.