2018 Artist Lineup Announced in

Gary Clark Jr.

Friday, Sept. 13th - 5:50 pm

There is little more exciting than beholding a musical star on his ascendancy. Gary Clark, Jr. is an Austin, TX guitarist who has taken the music world by storm with his fuzzed-out, crunchy blend of blues, rock and psychedelia. As an up and coming young player gigging around a city known for its rich music scene, his exciting presence was noted by none other than Clifford Antone, owner of the venue of the same name that gave a platform to the Vaughan brothers, Stevie Ray and Jimmie. From Antone’s stage, and with guidance from other Austin music icons, Jimmie Vaughan among them, Clark’s launch was assured.

It is far from an overstatement to say Clark is an amazing guitarist. Music critics have weighed in from such lofty perches as the New York Times ("...the next Hendrix") and Rolling Stone (Best Young Gun) with praise that would make a stone blush. Calling Clark the future of the blues is likewise as accurate as it is remarkable. Who among us can truly see into the future? Listen to Clark’s album Blak and Blu. The music does not lie.