Otis Taylor Band

Thurs., Sept. 12th - 6:30 pm and Sat., Sept. 14th - 4:00 pm (Main Stage)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Otis Taylor is one of the most important blues artists of our lifetime. A groundbreaking artist whose work has unblinkingly examined the African-American experience in America with numerous songs about social injustice and race relations, Taylor’s body of work is a testament to his singular commitment to his musical vision. His haunting voice and mesmerizing “trance-blues” sound characterize his music and his banjo playing – an instrument that made its way to the Americas via slave ships – is bar none. Taylor is an educator, as well, appearing in schools around the country with his and his wife’s Blues in the Schools program called "Writing the Blues." His work ensures that the blues and the ability to share life experiences will continue in the next generation.