2018 Artist Lineup Announced in

Peter Frampton

Sunday, Sept. 14th - 6:30 pm

Grammy Award Winner Peter Frampton was just 26 years old when his live album Frampton Comes Alive made him a superstar in 1976. It was a mixed blessing for the former Humble Pie co-founder and guitarist. The album’s multiple-platinum sales brought him well-deserved recognition but it also served to shift focus away from his brilliant guitar playing and toward his blonde good looks. But being a pop star was not what he had in mind when he picked up his first guitar. Mind you, he’s proud of that huge moment in his long and satisfying music career.

On the 35th anniversary of the record, he toured in its honor, playing the record track-for-track to both new fans and a generation that knows every Talk-boxed note. Last year, he took the Frampton Guitar Circus on the road, picking up guest stars like Mike McCready, Sonny Landreth, Steve Cropper and B.B. King along the way. He’s a guitarist’s guitarist and he will blow you away with his playing. His collaborations are legend – he appears on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass and Harry Nilsson’s Son of Schmilsson – and his career post-Comes Alive is meaty. He’s toured with Ringo Starr and David Bowie, as well as played host to some of the world’s most notable guitar players. 
We couldn’t be prouder to have Peter Frampton join us for our 21st year.