These are interesting times we live in and the Drive-By Truckers have something to say about it. Their new record, American Band, is an unapologetic, Southern rock rant about what principle songwriters Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley find disturbing about current politics. Always socially observant, DBT takes off the gloves, ready to brawl. Less poetic and more direct, this is a shot across the bows of the Establishment. In their music they speak to the frustration and rage many feel as the country wrestles with leaders who willfully seek to divide We The People, and tackle crushing issues like the opioid epidemic, race, the NRA, police brutality and Islamophobia. It’s heavy-duty stuff, and as Mike Cooley says, "I wanted this to be a no bones about it, in your face political album. I wanted to piss off the assholes." These guys rock in the finest tradition of Southern rock bands – with commitment, Spanish moss-laden mystery, and gritty intensity. It’s a call to resist.