Sunday, September 15 at 12:30 pm (Main Stage)
Sunday, September 15 at 10 pm (Sheridan Opera House)

Louisiana native Durand Jones channels soul music like we’re listening to the radio in the early 1970s. Drenched in emotion and memory and heartache, soul music for Durand comes as naturally as breathing. He and The Indications — Aaron Frazer (with whom he swaps vocals), Blake Rhein, Kyle Houpt and Steve Okonski — met while in college in Bloomington, Indiana. “Did I expect to do this shit once I got out of college? Hell no.” Jones said. “Totally not. But this is what God is telling me to do — move and groove. So I’m gonna stay in my lane.” Their eponymous 2018 album brings youthful energy and exuberance to this tried and true genre of music for lovers. Sax runs glide like silk and Durand’s voice recalls the great Wilson Pickett’s. Yes sir, please stay in your lane.