Friday 14th at 3:00 pm (Campground Stage) | Friday 14th at 5:40 pm (Blues Stage) | Friday 14th at 10:00 pm (The Liberty) | Saturday 15th at 4:00 pm (Campground Stage)

When Dwayne Dopsie says, “This is my calling - Zydeco music is in my blood and it is my heart and soul,” we take a knee in gratitude. His father, the great Rockin’ Dopsie, Sr. was a pioneer in Zydeco music. When his youngest son, Dwayne, expressed an interest in music at a young age, the lessons began. Initially, Dwayne liked the washboard, but it was soon evident that he had preternatural talent on the accordion. He has become what Rolling Stone magazine calls “The Jimi Hendrix of the accordion,” and his shows are high-energy explosions of his updated version of Zydeco, blues, funk and soul. Follow the river of people heading to the Blues Stage and prepare to experience the best Zydeco music in the world.