Sunday 16th at 7:00 pm (Main Stage)

The Mule is back! This mighty, hard-working band lead by guitarist-singer Warren Haynes is probably one of this festival’s fans favorite bands. Gov’t Mule’s pedigree is a fine one and stretches back to 1994, when Warren and bassist Allen Woody started the Mule side project while working with The Allman Brothers Band. Since then, they’ve amassed an impressive résumé stuffed with countless collaborations, 10 studio albums, numerous live recordings, and a Grammy for Warren’s fireplace mantel. They are beloved the world around for their ferocious playing, amazing improvisational work, and high-energy live shows.

Originally a power trio, Mule is now comprised of Matt Abts on drums, Danny Louis on keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals, and Jorgen Carlsson pinning it all down on bass. Their new record is called Revolution Come, Revolution Go, and according to Warren, is a reflection of these times. Rife with steaming groove, pointed, politically aware lyrics, and masterful playing, it holds up a mirror to a country deeply divided, struggling with seemingly insurmountable problems, and casting about for answers. While the record may not provide answers, it does ladle out a thought-provoking point of view, dripping with sadness, bright with hope, and powered by Mule’s unmistakable blend of Southern rock, blues and funk. Its good medicine, prescribed to ease the pain of uncertainty.

Rock and roll has been a source of refuge and release, outrage and sorrow since its inception. Warren and crew have always understood that, in their music – whether exploring reggae, blues, jazz, or funk – healing can be found. They take their mission seriously and dish up live shows that are powerfully moving, beautifully played, and bursting with passion. Listening to Warren’s incendiary guitar solos alone is deliverance. There’s simply no way to overdose on Gov’t Mule’s music.

Welcome back, Mule. We need this.