Sunday, September 15 at 3:30 pm (Main Stage)

M.C. Taylor once said this about Hiss Golden Messenger: “Hiss Golden Messenger, from an existential angle, has always been about being sort of emotionally ambiguous or having that feeling of unresolved. I don’t really want a song strictly in A minor, literally or figuratively. I’m looking for something more.” That quest for something more is a narrative composed in four albums worth of songs imbued with Appalachian grit and simplicity, gospel influences and even excursions in to prog-rock and dub. Of Taylor’s second record, Poor Moon, David Bowie described the songs as “mystical country, like an eerie yellowing photograph.” Steeped in imagery and a deep sense of place invoked by his home in the South, Taylor’s songs reach deep and burrow in. Many consider him one of today’s most important songwriters. His musical companion in Hiss Golden Messenger is Phil Cook, who is also on the bill this year. This will be an unforgettable set.