Friday, September 13 at 3 pm (Campground Sessions)

When Jake was a youngster he would often accompany his folklorist, curator and photographer father into the field where the elder Fussell recorded the songs of blues and old-time musicians across the Southeast. As a teen he apprenticed with Piedmont blues artist Precious Bryant and also learned from Alabama bluesman George Daniel. His gift is listening, and from all the roots musicians he played with, the gift has paid off in his prowess on the guitar. According to William Tyler, his colleague and an acclaimed Nashville guitarist, “Jake isn’t just a rare bird, he’s the professor you always wished you had, the friend you never get tired of epic hangs with, the human jukebox, the guitar player and singer who makes any band that he’s in better. He’s a southern scholar and gentleman in the tradition of Jim Dickinson, George Mitchell, and Les Blank. He’s a Dave Van Ronk for SEC country.” Here’s to keeping American musical traditions alive and thriving.