Friday 14th at 10:00 pm (Blues Stage) | Saturday 15th at 6:10 pm (Main Stage)

Chicken farmer, pecan orchard steward, sweet, Southern soul man. His live performances are as intimate as a front porch jam, as sanctifying as a tent revival, and as warm and soulful as a Florida night among the orange blossoms. In his songwriting, there are elements of the influences he cites, influences as varied as Otis Redding, Jerry Reed and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Mofro dishes up rock, funk and soul grooves as deep as your favorite record, giving depth and breadth to his insightful story songs. His most recent record, Ol Glory, comes as close to his live sound as anything he’s released. It deftly captures the energy and the blue-collar authenticity that has imbued his work from the get-go. We sure are glad he’s found his way back to the mountains. We’re so ready.