Friday 14th at 3:00 pm (Main Stage) | Friday 14th at 10:00 pm (Sheridan Opera House)

This is a soul band. Close your eyes and be transported back to a time when soul, funk and rock tumbled from the transistor radio and into your heart. Like one of their influences, Sly and The Family Stone, Monophonics revels in a family vibe, one in which lead vocalist/keyboardist Kelly Finnegan says creates an environment that dispenses with ego in service to the song. Their performances invoke a sweaty dance party. Punctuated with horns, colored with majestic keyboard playing, driven by a locked-in rhythm section, and boasting a set list of sassy covers and fresh original work, a Monophonics set is one of explosive energy and superbly played soulful passion. Their recordings evoke the sounds of Stax and Daptone, recorded on analog equipment and are mostly played live. It is music just like you remember it on the radio … gritty, funked up, and so very danceable.