Opening Party: Bal De Maison

Don’t miss the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival opening party, the 'Bal de Maison', with Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear! It will kick off on Thursday, September 15th at the historic Sheridan Opera House. Please note, VIP and Juke Joint passes are not valid for show entry, this is a separate ticket. The show starts at 9:00 pm and tickets are $20. To purchase tickets, please click here.

The phrase Bal de Maison originated from dances held at someone’s house - typically in the front room. These dances were usually announced by the host of the party simply yelling from his or her porch to the neighbors. Word would sometimes travel up to 40 miles. So spread the word about our Bal de Maison and let’s have a dance party to start the weekend!

Madisen Ward and his mother, Ruth Ward, aka Mama Bear, are a breath of fresh air. Their familial bonds are strong and intuitive, making their music unique and enchanting. While they’ve made the rounds of this land, including an appearance on NPR’s program, Tiny Desk Concerts, their music sources from the family front porch. It’s as homey as a kitchen jam session, and is rooted in gospel, blues and country folk. Mama Bear lays down a propulsive rhythm guitar strum, supporting her son’s wise-beyond-his years vocals. They create music that is joyful, hopeful and is a slave for the bruised soul. This is music sweet and endearing, music that stays with you long after the record is back in its sleeve.

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