Closing Celebration: Fais Do-Do

This year’s Sunday closing show features a special performance by The Revivalists at the Sheridan Opera House.

“Fais do-do” translates to “Cajun dance party.” The parties were named for the gentle command (“go to sleep”) young mothers offered their children, so that they could get back to dancing with their husbands. This is the final show of the festival and a highlight for many.

The Revivalists is a band of musicians from all around the country who gravitated to one another through friendship, happenstance and good fortune. They represent the tip of the iceberg of New Orleans’ indie rock scene. Their music stands rock on its head with pedal steel and horns conspiring in a fresh, unique sound that weaves naturally with their fondness for rock’s golden era.

Please note, VIP and Juke Joint passes are not valid for show entry, this is a separate ticket. The show starts at 10:00pm and tickets are $25. To purchase tickets, click here.

Patrick Shehan2015