Keeping Colorado Green

We love Telluride and we love Colorado. In an effort to keep our town and state clean and green, we are committed to providing the best possible experience at the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival with the smallest impact on the environment. Each year, we look for new ways to further our sustainability efforts and spread the green message in different ways.

At the festival, we do not sell bottled water. Instead, we offer free filtered water to encourage attendees to bring their own bottles and refill them throughout the weekend at no charge. We have a dedicated team of volunteers inside the park offering to take recyclables, filling water bottles and helping everyone properly discard their waste in the correct bins to maximize compost and recycling initiatives in the region. 

Over the past six years, our commitment to track and offset the event's carbon footprint, along with offering event goers an easy way to offset their own emissions, has helped to offset approximately 786,000 lbs. of CO2!  This has the same environmental impact as approximately 20,000 houses turning their lights off for one day, or like not driving 878,000 miles.

Sustainability and giving back is important to us and we are deeply committed to lowering our carbon footprint beyond what we have done in the past. If you have any ideas to help us achieve our goal, post your thoughts in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you.

After all, keeping Colorado green isn't just an individual effort. It requires progress from you, your friends, businesses and visitors all taking action for change! To read more about the Blues & Brews green efforts click here.

Patrick Shehan2015