Purchase A Green Ticket And Help Our Festival Offset Your Travel Emissions!

Our Festival is 100% carbon neutral! Thanks to our partners Green Mountain Energy Company, we have offset the emissions associated with the production of Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. Special thanks to EcoAction Partners, who also helps coordinate our waste reduction efforts and the associated carbon footprint reduction through composting and recycling efforts at our festival and for the Town of Telluride.

As a Blues & Brews fan you can help our waste reduction efforts too! Purchase a Green Mountain Energy® Green Ticket today to reduce the environmental impact of your attendance to the festival. Your purchase helps offset a portion of the CO2 emissions created by your travel to Telluride Blues & Brews Festival by supporting carbon offset projects that help take action against global climate change.

By purchasing the $3.00 Green Ticket, fans offset the equivalent of 220 pounds of CO2. That’s like not driving a car 245 miles, recycling 550 aluminum cans, or planting 13 trees. To date, Blues & Brews attendees have purchased over 2,500 Green Tickets and still counting!

It’s simple. Everyday routines like driving our cars, powering our homes, and traveling to music festivals create CO2 emissions. The more CO2 we produce, the hotter the Earth becomes and not in a good way. Telluride Blues and Brew’s commitment over the past 3 years, to track and offset the events carbon footprint, along with offering event goers an easy way to offset their own emissions, has helped to offset approximately 321 metric tons of CO2! This has the same environmental impact as taking approximately 550 houses turning their lights off for one year, or the amount of CO2 absorbed in a year by over 42,000 trees.

All carbon offsets purchased from Telluride will be sourced from Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Climate Action Reserve (CAR) projects across the United States. The project is third party certified, which means the offsets are real, permanent, additional, and verifiable.

Be sure to stop by our Green Tent and visit the crew from EcoAction Partners where you can learn what the local community and Blues & Brews is doing to enhance sustainability efforts, like seeing what happens to your compostable products from this festival and even get your cell phone charged from the sun!

Steve Gumble2012