Taste Tease: Volume 3

very September, 56 of America’s best craft breweries travel to Telluride Town Park to showcase their beer at the Telluride Blues & Brews Grand Tasting. Each of these breweries and their beers are unique, showcasing distinct flavors, colors, smells and personalities. Every craft beer is an work of art taking months and sometimes years to perfect. Just as our artist lineup showcases a variety of distinct music masters, our craft beer lineup showcases a variety of brewing masters.

The Telluride Blues & Brews ‘Taste Tease’ series is our attempt at giving you a look at some of the 170 beer styles you’ll be able to sample at this year’s Grand Tasting. Leading up to the festival, the Blues & Brews Staff will be sampling six beers a month and reporting on our findings. We hope you find this series as informative and fun we do!

In the first edition of the Taste Tease series (Vol. 1) we looked at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Tropical Torpedo, Upslope Brewing Company's Citra Pale Ale, Palisade Brewing Company's Dirty Hippie, Victory Brewing Company's Sour-Monkey, Elevation Beer Company's Raspberry Gulch.

In the last edition of the Taste Tease series (Vol. 2) we sampled Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Sidecar, Oskar Blues Brewery's G’Knight, Ska Brewing Co's Pilsworld, Bonfire Brewing's Kindler, Fiction Beer Company's Logic is Relative and Epic Brewing Company's Tart N’ Juicy.

In this 3rd and final edition of the Taste Tease series, we look at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Oktoberfest, Odell Brewing Company's Drumroll, Telluride Brewing Company's Russell Kelly Pale Ale, Melvin Brewing Company's Hubert, Lumberyard Brewing Company's Bright Angel and Boulder Brewing's Bump n’ Rind.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company - Oktoberfest

Deep Golden Lager | Chico, CA | ABV: 6.1% | IBUs: 30

Every year, Sierra Nevada partners with a different German brewer to explore the roots of Germany’s world-renowned Oktoberfest beers. This year, they collaborated with Germany’s Brauhaus Miltenberger to create a traditional, true to style, deep golden lager. This beer's German-grown who-cope hops balance-out a malty aroma and taste making for a refreshing beer for a crisp fall day. Pay your homage to one of the world’s most celebrated beer cultures by swinging through the Sierra Nevada beer booths during this year’s Blues & Brews to try an Oktoberfest for yourself! Prost!

Odell Brewing Company - Drumroll

American Pale Ale | Fort Collins, CO | ABV: 5.3% | IBUs: 42

Odell’s Drumroll is a bold, juicy, citrus-inspired and hop forward American Pale Ale “APA”, that has established its position as Colorado craft beer classic. This beer is hoppy and tropical, but not overbearing on taste buds. We found its glowing complexion and drinkable balanced flavor to make for a cheery, goto beverage for most occasions. Make sure to make a stop at the Odell Brewing table during Saturday’s Grand Tasting to try Drumroll along with some other tasty beverages.

Telluride Brewing Company - Russell Kelly Pale Ale

American-Style Strong Pale Ale | Telluride, CO | ABV: 6.7% | IBUs: 83

Local favorite Telluride Brewing pays homage to a fallen local legend Russell Kelly with this American-Style Strong Pale Ale! The Russell Kelly is a piney smelling, slightly bitter pale with a smooth aftertaste. This dynamic brew is a zingy drink that is good-to-go for a few! Russell Kelly Pale Ale will be available throughout the festival at the House of Brews! Try the local flavor and get one.

Melvin Brewing Company - Hubert

Melvin Pale Ale | Jackson, WY | ABV: 6% | IBUs: 77

Arguably, Melvin Brewing is the most exciting thing coming out of Wyoming. Known as an frontrunner in the IPA category, Melvin shows a lighter side (not too light) with Hubert. Melvin categorizes Hubert as Pale Ale, but this beer drinks more like a traditional IPA. We found this beer reasonably crisp, slightly bitter with a very tropical aroma. If you’re an IPA fan, Melvin is a must stop during this year’s Grand Tasting.

Lumberyard Brewing Company - Bright Angel

Single Hop IPA | Flagstaff, AZ | ABV: 6.7%

Lumberyard’s Single Hop IPA Series is unique rotating series that is always changing! We got our hands on their Bright Angel brewed with Centennial hops and it did not disappoint. A strong aroma of pine coupled with a bright appearance delivered a clean citrus and floral flavor. This IPA was one of the more balanced we’ve tried and is a perfect “sessionable” selection. Try a variety of Lumberyard styles during the Grand and VIP Tasting at this year’s festival.

Boulder Brewing Company - Bump n’ Rind

Watermelon Kolsch | Boulder, CO | ABV: 5.6% | IBUs: 25

“Guaranteed seedless and groovy,” Boulder Brewing says when describing the Bump n’ Rind. This exotitic Watermelon Kolsch is simply a fun, light, refreshing drink. Those intimidated by fruit beers will be pleased to find the fruit flavor in this beer is not overpowering, but rather complementing to its traditional easy drinking kolsch characteristics. This is a perfect summer beer, stop by the Boulder Brewing Company table during the Grand Tasting to try it for yourself.

The 2017 Telluride Blues & Brews Grand Tasting will take place Saturday September 16 featuring 56 craft breweries, 170 styles of beer and, of course, live music. Sign up for our Bluesletter to stay in the loop.

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