2018 Partnerships Overview

Note from the Director

25 years of world class music and craft beer at the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival! It has been an incredible journey growing our event to a level we never thought possible. Never a solo effort, I would like to thank our partners who have helped elevate our production to new heights. Our partners are an instrumental component of our festival experience and we carefully select each partner for good reasons – we believe in their products and their alignment with our fans. They believe in us.

Our partnership philosophy at SBG Productions is to create a custom experience that makes an impact for each and every brand involved. Our program is never just a banner on a fence or a logo on a website, but strives to create an interactive experience that consumers can connect with, appreciate, remember and share with others. In a world of big and busy festivals, we welcome our attendees to slow down, enjoy life and feel more connected to the moment. If you are considering coming on board in 2019, we look forward to creating the most meaningful event activation possible!

This year’s festival saw 27,000 people over three days combined with another stellar weekend of weather, music and memories. We have made our mark as one of the most intimate, boutique festivals in the Country. Beyond the traditional music and craft beer, Blues & Brews has evolved into a weekend of yoga, 5K fundraiser runs, comedy shows, outdoor recreation and kids activities. There’s never a shortage of things to do. The vibe and energy at Blues & Brews is unlike any other festival. If you were here in 2018, you know what I mean. If you weren’t here, then by all means, I urge you to experience this magical event.

We are looking forward to a big celebration as we approach our 26th year on September 13-15, 2019. Cheers to all who have been involved with Blues & Brews, you are a big part of what makes this festival so special. We cherish our past partnerships and look forward to making more special moments together. To those of you wondering if you might be missing out on something unique, you are. It’s a great time to hop on board!

Steve Gumble
Festival Director

Media Highlights

“A diamond among Colorado’s increasingly crowded music festival scene, pairing a smart cross section of blues talent with dozens of craft breweries" - Denver Post

"Whichever way you approach it you will kick yourself for having never been to the festival before and be lining up for the first tickets released for the following year. Yes, it's that good, just ask the unicorns." - Huffington Post

”Blues & Brews is my favorite” - 5280 Magazine

“The Telluride Blues and Brews is one of the top festivals of Colorado festival season because of three major components — it is nestled in the gorgeous valley of Telluride, the music is always on point and BEER.” - 303 Magazine

“If there’s a concert venue in the world with more spectacular natural scenery, I’d love to know where it is.” - Aspen Daily News

"The festival showcases the best there is to offer from the world of blues music and craft beer" - Music Marauders

These hallowed grounds were truly a slice of heaven, complete with an all day blues soundtrack that would make you think you sold your soul to the devil for such a deal!” - Glide Magazine

"If you like your blues served with a beer back, this festival is a little slice of heaven." - The Marquee Magazine

"It was yet another great year in Telluride and Steve Gumble and his crew outdid themselves again. We were delighted by old favorites, turned on to up-and-comers, and reminded again why Telluride is one of the most special places in the world." - Listen Up Denver!

"Telluride sure knows how to throw a music festival, especially their Blues & Brews Fest." - Porch Drinking

"Across the festival’s four nights and three days this year, Blues & Brews saw consistently top-notch performances." - Live For Live Music

"It's improbable yet perfect, this music festival in southwest Colorado." - The Gazette


Festival Photos

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Festival Demographics

A total of 1,145 cities, 51 states and 13 countries were represented at the 2018 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. At the city level, the largest audience profiles came from Denver, Colorado along with the Western Slope of Colorado, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Houston, Texas. At the regional level, the largest market segments came from Colorado, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

72% of ticket-buyers are over the age of 35 with the largest segment being between the ages of 35 and 54. A majority of attendees are married (52%), are homeowners (81%), have graduated college (over 40%) and earn more than $100k per year (46%).

Brand Activation

Throughout the year, Telluride Blues & Brews Festival promoted over 150 business activations through late night music venues, non-profit organizations, a 5k fundraiser race, food and craft vendors, yoga classes, lodging partners, media outlets and service providers. With a truly global reach, Blues & Brews offers economic benefits to partnering organizations and brands. To learn more, contact us directly for complete details.

2019 And Beyond

Telluride Blues & Brews Festival welcomes any opportunity to explore new potential partnerships or expand an existing relationship. If you are interested in becoming an official partner, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our business is built on the core principle of putting our guests first! We foster an inclusive culture where our staff are driven to provide the best festival experience at Blues & Brews.

We aim to showcase and create opportunities for partner brands to reach new customers and engage existing ones. With over 25 years of experience, our team has built a solid platform for brands to activate, offer demos and vend to over 9,000 people per day. In addition, our in-house multimedia team offers the added value of creating new digital content to showcase our partners and the Blues & Brews community to further engage with consumers.

Have a creative idea? We'd love to hear it! Contact our Partnerships Director, Patrick Shehan, at 970-728-8037 ext 103 or patrick@sbgproductions.com.