If you were lucky enough to attend this festival in 2016, then you know that Samantha Fish won our hearts in a huge way. One song in, she kicked off her red high heels (“I’m high enough without these.”), and absolutely electrified the Sunday afternoon crowd with her sizzling guitar work, soaring vocals and a red-hot band that knew no other gear than overdrive. It was nothing short of amazing and we knew without a doubt we had to invite her back to the mountains. For the uninitiated, Samantha’s rock and roll roots are in plain sight, and her sound fuses blues and soul into one steamy pot. He latest record, Chills & Fever, finds her in cahoots with members of the Detroit Cobras, an elbows-up, fierce punk blues outfit that suits her insurgent proclivities and elevates her playing to the stratosphere. It will be a while before you cool off after her set.