Friday, September 13 at 4:30 pm (Main Stage)
Saturday, September 14 at 10 pm (Blues Stage)

OK, we admit it. We’re smitten. It’s not just a passing crush, a little thang, a fickle fancy. It’s true love and we adore Samantha Fish. She had us from the get-go when she ruled the crowd in her 2016 Fred Shellman Memorial Stage debut, and we’ve invited her back every year since then. We’re so grateful she says yes! How do we love her? Let’s count the ways. Let’s start with her guitar chops. She makes the guitar cry and sing, and her solos are like riding a magic carpet through time and space. Then there’s that voice. Oh, that voice. It’s clear and pure and powerful as a springtime river. She howls and shouts and she sings sweetly with unbridled emotion. Her latest record, “Belle of the West,” is a soulful outing that finds her style venturing from expected blues norms. She lives and plays to challenge herself. Consider us completely and happily along for the ride.