Friday 14th at 10:00 pm (The Liberty) | Saturday 15th at 1:20 pm (Main Stage)

There’s a lot of magic in the music of Son Little. Born Aaron Livingston, Son Little’s newest record on Anti, New Magic, was born from life on the road. With a guitar borrowed from a blind Aboriginal musician while on tour in Australia, Son took advantage of some down time to compose the songs that would become the spiritual center of his new record. His voice is honeyed and imbued with emotion, and his style, while pulling from the rivers of soul and R&B, is inventive and unique. Son Little’s musical heroes are Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix, two artists who come from the blues and R&B traditions, but who each defined those genres with their own, distinct imprints. He strives for and achieves just that with his own music. He’s worked with The Roots and in 2015 received a Grammy for his work with Mavis Staples on her EP Your Good Fortune. Smooth, seductive, sinuous and soulful … Son Little will soothe. There’s certainly magic in that.