Friday 15th at 8:00 pm (Main Stage)

What do you get when blues greats Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’ combine forces? TajMo, that’s what.

Both the album and this historic tour mark an incredible pairing that bridges the generations of these two, great blues practitioners and makes for a thrilling and artistically divine collaboration. A record of both covers and originals, TajMo, features performances by Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh, Sheila E and Lizz Wright. When the two men trade vocals and guitar licks, the songs glitter and the soul runs deep.

Both men’s reputations precede them. Taj Mahal’s work is no less vital, important and beloved after 50 years of playing music for the world. His dedication is unwavering and his spirit is strong. “What inspires me most about my career is that I’ve been able to make a living playing the music that I always loved and wanted to play since the early 50s,” he says. “And the fact that I still am involved in enjoying an exciting career at this point in time is truly priceless.”

In 2014 he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement for Performance Award at the 13th Annual Americana Honors and Awards, a recognition he said, “means the world to me.”

Keb’ Mo’, who along with Taj, has appeared on the Blues and Brews stage before, is no less a revered figure in the blues music world. Kevin Moore became Keb’ Mo’ in the 1994 with the release of his eponymous first record, and 11 albums and multiple Grammy awards and nominations hence, he’s lauded for his richly nuanced vocals and emotive guitar work. In addition, his production and songwriting prowess is widely sought after, and his collaborations are an all-star list of music’s greatest performers. A longtime supporter of the non-profit Playing For Change, (an organization that funds music and art education), Keb’ has directed that 5 percent of the proceeds of his album, Keb’ Mo’ Live, be given to the cause. He plays with heart and he pays it forward with compassion.

This historic performance of two of blues music’s favorite sons is going to be one for the ages. Two blues legends in one amazing show. We can’t believe it, either.