The seven-decade ride The Blind Boys have been on is a testament to their faith, to their love of music, and to perseverance. The group originally sprung from the halls of the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in the 1930s when they were just kids. Jimmy Carter was one of the original members and is still performing today. They toured the Jim Crow South of the 1940s and ‘50s and raised their voices as part of America’s Civil Rights Movement. They turned down offers to “cross over” to secular music, sticking steadfastly to their unique gospel sound, and that commitment to delivering The Word has made them one of the most lauded and respected gospel vocal group to have ever worked. Grammy awards for their recorded work, a Lifetime Achievement Grammy, and induction into the Gospel Hall of Fame, as well as performances in the White House for three different presidents are all indications that staying true to gospel – the music they love – was a fine decision indeed. Testify!