Sunday 16th at 11:00 am (Main Stage)

One of our favorite traditions is going from Oh, Hoppy Day (Saturday’s Grand Tasting) to Oh, Happy Day, when Sunday in the park begins with a rousing gospel set. This year The Glorious Vines Sisters will take the stage with their songs of devotion sung in beautiful four-part harmonies. Gospel and the blues are kindred spirits. Both music forms stem from African-American traditions and culture. Gospel often crosses easily into the secular world - whether or not one is a believer, the joy of gospel music is undeniable. And listening to the Vines sisters sing will indeed fill you with joy and light. The Glorifying Vines Sisters are an act endorsed by Music Maker Relief Foundation, a non-profit that keeps Southern music traditions alive by supporting artists so they can perform their music. We’re grateful for them, for the Vines sisters, and for this beautiful day.