Saturday 15th at 12:00 pm (Main Stage) | Saturday 15th at 10:00 (The Liberty)

The “Wow!” factor is real as we introduce you to the Keeshea Pratt band, this year’s International Blues Challenge winners. When the Mississippi native with the stunning voice assembled a band just eight months before traveling to Memphis for the competition, they rolled in with high hopes and a lot of confidence. Her merry band of Texans elevated and supported Keeshea with a classic, horn-heavy sound, and the whirlwind of talent and sass onstage convinced the judges they had a winner. Keeshea is already well-known for her remarkable voice and engaging stage presence. She reads an audience like a book and delivers just what it needs. Keeshea refuses to be buttonholed into any one genre. She’ll tell you she sings it all. We’re here to tell you, she certainly does.