Friday, September 13 at 4:10 pm (Blues Stage)

Mama said play gospel, but when she was out of earshot, papa steered his teenaged son toward the blues. No disrespect mama, but Little Willie Farmer’s style of acoustic blues is as easy, natural and authentic as anything we’ve ever heard. Fluid as can be and harmonious as a gospel choir, his guitar work is beyond excellent. On his latest record, “I’m Coming Back Home,” he alternates between electric and acoustic in a style that has been compared to that of Lightnin’ Hopkins. Little Willie is one of several artists we’ve brought here through the Music Maker Relief Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission it is to help musicians keep making music. For Little Willie, MMRF assisted his career with video production and getting the man so he can travel internationally. No passport is needed to get to Telluride, but his presence here is what puts the “blues” in Blues & Brews.