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Colorado Native Beers - Made with only Colorado in mind. AC Golden Brewing Company, LLC was founded in Golden, Colorado by Pete Coors and Glenn Knippenberg on July 11, 2007. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of MillerCoors. The mission of the company is to “incubate” above-premium malt beverages and develop them into brands that will fit into the MillerCoors portfolio.

Our beers are brewed back in the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado. We begin each new beer in a small 30-barrel brew house and scale them up as sales dictate. The route to our 30-barrel brew house is way too industrial to allow public tours.


Head Brewer: Jeff Nickel

About AC Golden Brewing Co

AC Golden Brewing Co, Golden, CO 80401

We believe Colorado is best when experienced. Sure, a no brainer, we get it, but stay with us. Think about it, something on that colorful horizon called to all of us. Super tall mountains. Fluffy powder, Hidden hot springs. Shaded canyon streams where fish linger. Camping under the stars. Even the taste of local foods like juicy Palisade Peaches or Olathe Sweet Corn. No matter what that something is, it can only be found right here in Colorado.

Which got us thinking, what can we do to make those Colorado experiences even better? How about beers to pair with them? And not just any beers, but ones that are only Colorado. Ones made with only Colorado ingredients. That’s right. Only Colorado hops, grains, water, and yeast. Ones that you can only find in Colorado. Beers that can only be called Colorado Native.

2019 Grand Tasting Styles: Colorado Native Lager, West Slope IPA, Colorado Native Pilsner

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