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Head Brewer: Campbell Morrissy, John Hunter, Francis Leavy

Driving on a dark stretch of two lane road, the Marquess family headed into the final stretch of their journey home. Pondering how to better live their creed of 'finding joy in the adventure,' they came up with a plan to join their passions of craft beer, travel, Arizona and the enjoyment of life. Founded, was Mother Road Brewing Company.

The Mother Road was the moniker given to U.S. Highway 66 by Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck, as he shared the story of the fictional Joad family, who traveled the road in hopes of trading desperation and heartache for hope and new beginnings. The Mother Road Brewery now resides along a lost portion of the storied highway, symbolizing both the journey we’ve made and our passion for craft beer, motoring and history.


About Mother Road Brewing Company

1300 East Butler Avenue Suite 200 Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

The mission of Mother Road Brewing Company is to brew distinguished beers and build community one pint at a time - to produce some of Arizona’s finest craft beers. Cheers!

Stay tuned for beer styles coming soon!

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